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Shaking Up the Childcare Industry

With a team of over a decade of experience, 3RD Space Kids knows how to create fun, rewarding, and safe holiday camps, after-school clubs, wraparound care and PE sessions for children of all ages.

Why us?

For the Grown-Ups...


From carefully chosen venues to well-maintained equipment, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to safety. Our experienced instructors closely supervise activities, promoting responsible behaviour and prioritising the well-being of each child, giving parents peace of mind.



We know parents have varied schedules. That's why our camps are designed for convenience. Book by day or week, last-minute sessions or well in advance – our flexibility accommodates your needs. On-demand Sunrise and Twilight sessions add extra flexibility to ever changing schedules.



At 3RD Space Kids, we prioritise affordability without compromising on quality. We offer flexible payment plans  making our holiday camps accessible to families looking for high-quality and affordable childcare options. Our aim is to ensure that every child can experience the enriching and exciting activities we provide.


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Years 1 & 2

Get ready for adventure with our programme for Adventurers in Years 1 and 2, perfect for kids aged 5 to 7! Our team of experts use their skills and experience to deliver exciting and fun-filled activities that will promote learning and development. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities, from sports to arts and crafts, and even team-building exercises. Our focus is on socialization and teamwork, making sure your child feels supported and part of the group. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Key Features

Fun-filled enrichment.png

Prepare for a world of engaging activities that effortlessly blend learning, excitement, and playfulness, creating an enriching experience that sparks joy and curiosity.

Teamwork & collaboration.png

Teamwork &

Unleash the power of teamwork and collaboration as your child dives into group projects and dynamic team-building exercises, fostering essential social skills and creating lifelong friendships along the way.

Creative expression.png


Nurture your child's imaginative thinking and self-expression through a vibrant array of mediums, where they can freely explore their creativity, unleash their unique talents, and bring their wildest ideas to life.



Years 7 - 9

Our Seniors programme is designed for children in Years 7-9, aged between 11 and 14 years old. This programme is tailored to the specific needs of older children, providing activities that are both challenging and engaging. Our qualified staff will work with your child to help them develop skills and knowledge across all areas of the curriculum, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative expression. We encourage children to take part in a range of activities that promote physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership skills. Our Seniors programme is designed to prepare children for the challenges ahead, while promoting independence and self-confidence.

Key Features

Empowering independence.png


Activities that encourage autonomy, self-expression, and personal growth.

leadership & mentorship.png

Leadership and

Opportunities for leadership development and mentorship roles within the group.

Engaging enrichment.png


Exciting activities that challenge, inspire, and foster a sense of personal achievement.

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