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What is 3RD Space Kids?

Crafting Transformative Experiences

The "3RD Space" is the vital social environment that bridges the gap between work (1ST Space) and home (2ND Space), fostering community, connections, and personal growth.

Coined by Sociologist Ray Oldenburg in his book "The Great Good Place" a 3RD Space is that special spot where we connect, unwind, and find community outside of home and work. It could be your favorite cafe, a local park, or even a spot in your imagination. Perhaps the most famous 3RD Space, Central Perk of hit TV Show Friends. 


The Concept

The concept of the 'third place'—a vibrant space beyond home and school. Where children explore, learn, and create lasting memories in an environment carefully designed to foster confidence, community, and connection.

The Gap

In contrast to traditional UK camps that often focus on childcare and group dynamics, 3RD Space Kids stands out by prioritising the development of confidence, fostering genuine community, and nurturing meaningful connections. 

The Promise

At the core of 3RD Space Kids is a steadfast promise - to provide an exceptional experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Rediscovering The 3RD Space

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In today's fast-paced world, we're all too familiar with the struggle of finding that elusive "3RD Space" where connections are made and relationships are nurtured. Those beloved local cafes, parks, and stores where we once gathered and built our communities have slowly faded away. As parents, we feel this loss acutely, remembering the days when we could catch up with friends, chat with neighbours, and watch our children play freely. The void left by these disappearing 3RD Spaces is a stark reminder of the disconnection in our modern lives.

Picture the longing for such a space, not just for yourself but for your child as well. It's the yearning for a place beyond the school-home routine, a place where your child can explore, learn, and socialise freely. As a parent, you seek that reassuring sense of belonging in a supportive community that understands your family's unique needs. Yet, in a world where genuine 3RD Spaces have become scarce, you find yourself struggling to provide your child with the enriching experiences and meaningful connections that these spaces once offered.

At 3RD Space Kids, we've recognised this longing for genuine community and the need for a modern 3RD Space, tailored to the demands of today's families.

We're here to reintroduce you to the concept of the 3RD Space, not just as a childcare provider but as the heartbeat of your child's growth and development. In a world where these spaces are dwindling, we've created a dynamic village where children can thrive, connect, and evolve into confident, compassionate, and creative individuals. Our mission is to bring back the sense of community and connection that these spaces once provided, giving your family the opportunity to experience the joy of genuine belonging.

How it Started - How it's Going...

From humble beginnings offering just one after-school club per day, our founder's vision for 3RD Space Kids has blossomed into a thriving community. Our inaugural camp welcomed just 15 kids per day, but fast forward to today, and we proudly host 200 children per week at our after-school clubs.

As a testament to our growth, we've relocated to the esteemed Cobham Hall to accommodate our expanding community after selling out recent camps. Rooted in community values, we host a Holiday Assistance Fund (HAF) program, reinforcing our commitment to giving back.

Looking ahead, the journey continues with big plans for the coming year. 3RD Space Kids remains dedicated to providing enriching experiences, fostering connections, and making a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, learning, and community building.

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Our Values

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Why Us?

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Our Partners

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Ready to Join the 3RD Space Kids Adventure?

If you're ready to embark on a journey of belonging, learning, and lifelong impact, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Secure your child's spot in our enriching programs and discover why 3RD Space Kids is the perfect place for their growth and development.

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Take a closer look at our diverse range of programs, from sports and arts to STEM and outdoor adventures. Learn more about how we nurture curiosity, boost confidence, and create lasting memories.

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