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Early Years Sports Programme

Partner with us to deliver our exceptional Early Years Sports Programme at your Nursery or School.


Our comprehensive program aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, igniting a lifelong passion for physical activity while promoting key skills and reaching developmental milestones.​

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Partner with us

By partnering with 3RD Space Kids, your nursery or reception class can offer a unique and engaging sports curriculum, attracting parents seeking holistic development opportunities.


Let's create a nurturing, fun-filled environment where children embark on a lifelong journey of well-being.

Our experienced coaches combine structured sports activities with fun and exploration, creating an environment where children thrive and grow.


With age-appropriate programmes for toddlers (2-3) and pre-schoolers (3-4) and reception (4-5), we enhance fine and gross motor skills, coordination, social interactions, self-confidence, a love for active play and so much more.


Explore our expertly designed programme below.

Why 3RD Space?

We offer  a fresh and innovative approach to fostering children's physical, cognitive, and social development. Our passionate instructors, engaging activities, and nurturing environment deliver exceptional experiences.

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7 Areas of learning

Our early years sports program seamlessly integrates the seven areas of learning, promoting holistic development in children. Through active play and structured activities, we use each of the 7 areas in each sport.

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Our Core Sports

Our core sports programme is designed with our settings in mind. We have two pathways for either year-round (51 weeks) or term-time only (40 weeks) settings and three distinct age groups for tailored learning at each stage. 

The year-long curriculum focuses of six sports specifically chosen to give a wide range of development and inspiration. 


Explore our core sports that form our Early Years Sports Programme and their benefits below.


Our football programme introduces early years children to the basics of the sport, fostering teamwork, coordination, and gross motor skill development. Through fun activities and games, children enhance their physical abilities and engage in cooperative play, building social connections and laying the foundation for a lifelong love of sports.

7 Areas of learning

Why us?

For your children

Holistic Approach to Development

Enhancing Physical Skills:

Development of fine and gross motor skills through engaging sports activities.


Cognitive Development:

Promoting problem-solving, decision-making, and concentration skills during games and challenges.


Social Interaction:

Fostering teamwork, communication, and cooperation through group activities and team games.


Emotional Well-being:

Boosting self-confidence, resilience, and self-esteem through positive experiences and achievements.


Healthy Lifestyle:

Instilling a love for physical activity and laying the foundation for a lifelong active lifestyle.


Reaching Key Developmental Milestones

Fine Motor Skills:

Improving hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and control through various sports techniques.


Gross Motor Skills:

Developing balance, agility, strength, and coordination through dynamic movements and exercises.


Language and Communication:

Encouraging verbal expression, listening skills, and following instructions during sessions.


Personal, Social, and Emotional Development:

Supporting self-awareness, self-regulation, and managing emotions in a team setting.


Physical Literacy:

Building a foundation for fundamental movement skills essential for future physical activities and sports.

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We believe in fostering collaborative partnerships with nursery managers and reception staff to ensure a seamless integration of our Early Years Sports Curriculum. By working closely with you, we tailor our program to align with your class's unique goals and objectives. Together, we create a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience that enhances the overall development of children in your care.

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