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Extracurricular Enrichment

At 3RD Space Kids, we are delighted to partner with schools in providing exceptional after school clubs.


Our aim is to create a stimulating and engaging environment where children can explore new interests, develop valuable skills, and foster a sense of belonging.


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With our experienced team and carefully crafted programmes, we offer a diverse range of activities that cater to the unique needs and interests of your pupils. 

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Engaging programmes crafted by our experts, delivered by our skilled and experienced staff

Why us?

For the School

Enriched School Community

Enhanced reputation and attractiveness of the school to prospective families due to the availability of comprehensive wraparound care and after-school clubs.
Increased parental engagement and involvement in school activities, fostering a strong partnership between the school and families.
Development of a vibrant and inclusive school community, where students, parents, and staff work together to create a positive learning environment.


Extended Learning Opportunities

Expansion of the curriculum beyond the traditional school day, offering students a wider range of educational experiences and skill development.

Enrichment of the school's extracurricular programme, providing diverse activities and clubs that cater to the interests and talents of students.

Integration of the school's values and ethos into the wraparound care and after-school clubs, reinforcing a consistent approach to student well-being and character development.


Support for Working Families

Provision of convenient and reliable wraparound care, meeting the needs of working parents to ensure students have a safe and stimulating environment during non-school hours.

Reduction of student absences or early pickups due to the availability of after-school activities, enabling parents to fulfill their professional commitments with confidence.


Promotion of a supportive and inclusive culture supporting the needs of families.


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Schools and families alike benefit from a wide and diverse extracurricular offering. Find out more about how 3RD Space Kids can shake up your after-school club offering and provide out of this world experiences for your pupils.

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