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Get to know 3RD Space Kids

Explore the essence of 3RD Space Kids – from our founding concept and visionary roots to the core values that set us apart. Discover what makes us unique and why families cherish the 3RD Space Kids experience.

Get to Know Us

Our Story

Discover the essence of 3RD Space Kids and unveil the unique concept of the 'third place.' Join us in exploring this innovative idea that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures,.

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Our Values

Delve into our values, the compass guiding every step of 3RD Space Kids. Discover the principles that shape our approach, creating a foundation of confidence, community and connection.

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Meet the Director

Meet the Director, the visionary architect behind our mission. Explore the driving force shaping the 3RD Space Kids experience and ensuring each moment is crafted with expertise and dedication.

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Why Us?

Uncover why families choose 3RD Space Kids for transformative experiences that go beyond the ordinary and how we're shaking up the childcare industry to create impact that lasts a lifetime.

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